Be a member of our Team

Be a member of our Team

Why Coral Group Hotels?

Coral Group Hotels has adopted the mission of providing the highest level of benefit to its customers, employees, society and partners by making correct, efficient and sustainable investments within the framework of total quality management and with a sustainable approach.

Corporate Culture
Coral Group Hotels is aware that the key factor that provides long-term competitive advantage is corporate culture, and acts with the awareness that it is its employees who create this culture.
Correct Person for Correct Job
When selecting its employees, Coral Group Hotels provides equal opportunities to everyone and selects employees who have the qualifications required by the relevant position.
Equal Opportunities
Coral Group Hotels, plans and provides trainings and career development opportunities for the employees according to the ''Equal Opportunities'' principle taking into consideration the individual targets and competencies

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Human; The key factor that creates our corporate identity.

Our main corporate principles are Equal Opportunity and Correct Person for Correct Job.

If you want to be a part of our team that adds value to its environment, guests, company and colleagues, you can access our job postings from here or contact us at

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